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You’ve heard the hype around vanadium batteries, so who wants to learn more about them? We sure do! CleanTechnica’s CEO, Zachary Shahan, will sit down with StorEn Technologies’ CEO, John Davis, on February 23 to discuss all things vanadium! 

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We at CleanTechnica know that clean technology advances quickly, so one may find it challenging to keep up. Zachary and John will chat about why these batteries (also known as “vanadium flow batteries”) are different than the other  battery energy storage systems on the market, and how those differences turn into real advantages when they’re used in real-life applications. 

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You’ll also learn more about how you can get involved with StorEn Tech’s pre-purchase program for residential battery systems (yes, it’s happening!). Also, hear about StorEn Tech’s experience with raising capital through crowdfunding, and about their larger microgrid systems. Finally, they’ll talk about how new government incentives, rebates, and tax credits can help make an energy storage solution more affordable for your home or business.

Over 7,000 investors believe that StorEn is the future of energy storage – wow! If you’re curious about the latest and greatest on vanadium batteries, join us. We’ll be taking questions from the audience, too, so bring you vanadium battery, microgrid, and residential battery systems queries for these cleantech pros. Register here. See you then!

Read more about vanadium flow batteries ahead of our live conversation here:

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